Essey Mojo Review: Professional Essay Writing service 24/7

This website that allows students to gain access to writers and tutors. They offer assistance on different subjects such as finance law, management, mathematics, history among others. The website is user-friendly and has clear guidelines on how to use it.

When you open the site for the first time, you register and get your account. A student can post a detailed essay or a specific question and wait for the instructor to send a preview together with the price. Customers go through the preview and if they like it they pay the tutor and they send the full essay. You can be visit this essay writing service website through this like

How It Works

As tutors, a person creates their profile showing educational background and the subjects that they specialize in. The website has a chat platform where students can communicate with their tutors online either privately or in a group.

How it works

It has a notification feature that pops up when a new essay has been uploaded. If a tutor is interested in the writing an essay, they send a handshake text to the student.  The tutor then negotiates with the client and if they agree, the client deposits a down payment. The tutor then begins working on the essay. After completion, the client pays the rest of the money to the tutor’s website account. According to the website’s terms and conditions, the company holds the payment for about 45 days to make sure the client is contented with the work. The tutor then transfers the money to their PayPal account and can be able to access the funds in 14 days. All this can be experienced when you log in here:

How to check account management


Prices vary depending on the tutor and how complicated the essay is. Different tutors give different prices on one essay. Therefore, a student will choose a tutor depending on their budget. The website also charges $0.20 handling charges as an additional cost on every essay. A student is required to choose a logical essay due to the big differences in the prices from different tutors. Additionally, the websites provide information on how a student can calculate and estimate the price of their essay. The website gives the tutor only 20% of the amount paid and it takes 20%. Tutors also incur a $1 fee to withdraw any amount to PayPal.

Amount withdraw with paypal


Tutors who get a dispute and do not settle within 3 days get charged 5% of the fee. If the tutor extends the dispute for 6 or more days gets charged 10% of the fee. The company has several modes of payment such as Debit Cards, Payoneer, Credit Cards and PayPal.


This company offers services such as Essay writing, proofreading, research, single question answers, and report writing service. On their website, there are many positive and less negative reviews from clients. It is expected to have negative reviews due to the fake clients that that are out to exploit writers from this website. If a teacher has several disputes, they are blocked from accessing their accounts and the funds. Even though the website is easy to use, its appearance is not as good as expected though I guess they believe in good service rather than appearance. Additionally, a client can be harassed into subscribing in services that they do not want yet they had logged in seeking answers.

When choosing a tutor, students are advised to look for a qualified tutor before giving them essays. This way the student will receive work on time and free from plagiarism. Students are also advised to check the preview of the tutor since many scammers want to be paid first but will not do the work. However, others have good reviews from students who got satisfied with their work.

Nevertheless, a significant number of essays get done according to the agreement. Also, the company has a secure payment policy that protects both the tutors and the students. They have also assured the students of keeping personal information such as contacts, confidential and the tutors cannot access them.

Benefits of Essey Mojo

There are several benefits to using it. One is that various teachers are offering different services making the website a one-stop-shop for clients. Secondly, they have pocket-friendly prices thus accommodate average students. The website allows the withholding of money until a student is satisfied. In this way, students get to pay for quality work. Also, the availability of reviews and education levels of the tutor’s profile allows the students to choose the right tutor. The website operates for 24 hours seven days thus a student can get the services anytime. Finally, the site allows tutors all over the world. This way, it offers diversity and employment to many qualified people.


It has professional tutors. It needs a keen student to carefully go through the reviews and qualifications of a tutor before giving them an essay. The website is reliable and students can get quality work done at an affordable price. However, the company has a strict policy on the tutors and their accounts can be blocked in case of disputes. This way, clients can take advantage of the policy to get refunds even if the essay they got was precise.

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