What to Do If You Give Your Personal Information to a Scammer

Fraud by sending SMS messages is a fairly popular way to steal someone’s personal data and money. Spam fills not only e-mail, but also inbox on every phone. To find out what to do if you get scammed, follow the guidelines below. You can also contact BSG if you often get fraudulent SMS. 

Check if you can get your money back

If funds are debited from your account, it means that you have been hacked. How do you know if you’ve been hacked without using special programs? You just need to follow your monetary transactions and take timely measures to prevent losing your money.

In order not to lose personal funds stored on a bank card, immediately cancel or block the card with the provided data. You could accidentally (or deliberately) send to the attackers:

  • your account number;
  • name/surname;
  • passwords or information indicated on your bank card.

In this case, you can contact the bank and discuss with the managers the possibility of opening a new account. Also, try to set different passwords for accessing Internet banking.

You want to know how to help someone who is being scammed? You can call your operator and tell them that spam with the purpose of extortion is coming from a certain phone number. Thus, the operator can take action if such messages are sent to other customers. Don’t forget to block the numbers that send you suspicious messages in time.

Protect yourself from further risks

To avoid all kinds of risks, try not to reply to messages sent by scammers. A simple answer will show that your data is valid, which can lead to repeated mailings.

Spam messages can be sent not only by cybercriminals, but also by companies engaged in various activities. To stop the mailing, it is enough to answer or contact a representative of this organization with a request to remove your number from their database.

One of the most effective methods is sending the information about fraudsters to the appropriate authorities. Their numbers will be blocked and you will no longer get unwanted messages. And if you are a company representative who wants to make sure that your own mailings are high quality, you can use test SMS services.

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