Finding the Balance between cheap and expensive web design agencies!

If you have had any previous web design experience, you must have been appalled by the sheer disparity in budget between almost similar looking web designs. Surprisingly, there are web designs that have cost hundreds and thousands of bucks for businesses, whereas, there are certainly low-cost web designs that share much in common with expensive web designs.

Expensive small business Web design
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What’s the key here?

To be honest, we can’t really compare a thousand buck website to a few hundred buck website because even if the two appear similar on the surface, there’s much more that goes into the backend of a website to differentiate between the two.

The point here is to identify particular business needs…

For instance, a small business web design UAE won’t require any outperforming and extravagant features to impress the audience, neither does it need to compete with industry giants in terms. On the contrary, not all expensive websites justify their lavish price tag. In fact, there are very few cases (mostly where massive databases are involved) where you’ll need a strong and expensive web design; other than that it’s mostly about getting the best value for your money proposition.

Now, the fact that their thousands of aspiring small and medium businesses in UAE ready to take their chance in digital industry means high demand for efficient small business web design in UAE and since most of the times SMEs are low on cash, they resort to taking the cheapest route for website designing and development, which may cause them serious business limitations in future. Again, contrarily, there are SMEs who go beyond their means and needs with a high-end web design, which in essence give them no benefit other than breaking the already cash starve bank.

Here’s a quick comparison between two opposite poles:

Cheap small business web design UAE:

Now, given the high demand for small business web design, there are literally hundreds and thousands of unprofessional/ghost companies selling their fake services over the internet. Their plot is to lure SMEs with their rather irrationally low pricing and once they got the contract, they disappear like ka-boom. Even at times when they do deliver web design, it will be a sorrowfully miserable design with serious malfunctioning.



Expensive small business Web design UAE:

At the opposite pole, there are those flashy and glittery web design agencies which are ready to break your bank without understanding business needs. These might be extremely expert agencies, however, where they lack is to differentiate between individual business needs and resorting to delivering high-end expensive web design where there was no need for most of the features.

What’s the way out?

Well, the only way out is to be sure of your business needs. I mean, no one knows your business better than you and as the business owner, it’s your responsibility to assess the true needs of your business before handing over the project to a third party. Here are a few considerations that will surely help you make the wise decision:

  • What services I really want for my website
  • Do I need all the extra functionalities?
  • Will I get the full value of my money?
  • Is there a better option available in the market?
  • Should I get a price quotation from a few other companies?

Remember, somewhere down the line you’ll find the best-suited web design agency that can deliver you the best value for your money.


About the Author:

Rock Smith is head of digital marketing at Digital Gravity – An affordable small business web design UAE agency. The business has been offering complete web design, and Digital Marketing Dubai services for small, and medium businesses in UAE.


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