Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in The Present Day

Before you read the article, can we have permission to ask you a question? Do you feel that technology or technology innovation has always brought benefit to mankind? If you think yes, you will relish the contents in this article. And the answer is always yes. It is another part, that some humans use technology for destruction of natural resources. In all, technology has always benefited the entire human race and the entire globe. You know the first technology innovation? Yes, you are right. Fire. Then wheel and afterward bullock cart. Now, it has moved to another level called as artificial intelligence where machines can think and act similar to humans. In this article, let us focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence in the present day.

artificial intelligence improves efficiency
Artificial intelligence Benefits

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was coined long back before the 1950s. But it is only in the present days, that artificial intelligence has gained much importance.

1. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In The Present Day – It Improves Efficiency

Humans do not commit errors with an evil mind. It happens, when they are tired. But when they do, the products will be of less quality. But with AI-implemented applications, the machines can manufacture products of high quality. Do you know that some AI algorithms also send alerts in case the machine is on the path of repair? These factors make AI a potent force in the present day.

Artificial Intelligence also creates chances for cost savings, the creation of jobs and generation of revenue.

2. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the present day – Frees Humans From Manual Tasks

Have you ever gone to some factories or working places where the same jobs are done again and again? For example, the giving of tickets at a resort. The customer pays the cash for the ticket and the executive gives the entry pass. If an AI tool is set to work, then it can do the job similar to a human. The concerned person can concentrate on more fulfilling tasks.

3. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in The Present Day – Creation of More Jobs

Yes, the doubt always exists and will exist. Will AI lead to a reduction in jobs? The reason, in Japan, robots have replaced humans. But just look at the entire
scenario. It is only the low-level jobs and manual tasks that have been taken over by AI robots. In the future, there is every possibility that robots and humans will work in perfect balance with each other. You are right, it will be for the benefit of mankind.

4. Loss Of Control – Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

There are many experts who have theories, that when the machines become more powerful than us, then the controlling capacity will be difficult. Also, there is one fact. For example, if an AI car is given the command to transport to any destination, then the programs also have to be set in a proper fashion. It needs to stop at the traffic signal, prevent accidents and many more. If a small error occurs in the programs, then it can lead to accidents and loss of life.

This is an example, but please note, that only the finest experts work on the programs on artificial intelligence. So, the machine going rogue situation or making errors tends to be very rare.

Will you believe, that Artificial intelligence can also answer emails, do data entry? No, they do. So, the concept of a AI tool going wrong is very rare.

5. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Present Day – Smart Homes

Have you heard about the Internet of Things and a Smart Home? It is the process where every home electronic appliances are connected by the internet to do the tasks as required by a human. Without manual tasks. Do you know that these appliances are known for their efficiency? And yes, if you have seniors in the home, they do not have to walk to the electrical outlet for switching on/off the lights or turn on the fan. They can just activate/deactivate the electronic devices by just their voice commands. Yes, there exists some devices such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

6. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in The Present Day – Healthcare

The best benefit of AI is felt in the healthcare industry. How about a case study to make you understand the proper way? In an unfortunate situation, an individual has met with an accident. He needs to get operated at the first possible instance. So, it is a case of an emergency.

Numerous tests have to be taken. The perfect point of dislocation of bones also needs to get identified. So, the person also needs to be checked for blood pressure, diabetes (some medicines may get allergic). If a human or team of humans have to do the task, then it may get difficult. Instead, an AI tool can look into all the reports, and then suggest the best possible method for operation.


So, these are some benefits of artificial intelligence in the present day. In the future, the benefits may get multifold. For example, let us imagine you are a Mumbai resident having LED television at home. Now, you feel that the device needs a maintenance service. So, what is the best method to book the professional skilled in LED TV repair in Mumbai? You downloaded the company app for home services in Mumbai and installed in your mobile. You searched for the best TV repair expert near your locality, made him come to your home on the scheduled time to fix the problem.

But you booked the service only after the LED TV started giving a low performance. In the future, an AI program may be installed in the computer where it will send an alert to your mobile in case of any maintenance issues or any virus attacks.

The above paragraphs mention six benefits of artificial intelligence in the present day. Yes, we have missed quite a few. We plan to include them in the next article.

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