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Borderlands 3 Gear and Artifacts
Borderlands 3 release date

This year’s E3 convention was nothing if not exciting. And if you are a long-standing fan of Borderlands 2, you probably have already heard the news: Borderland 3 is coming. We are hyped for the game to drop, so we have put together all of the info you need as we anticipate the release. The game is set for release on September 13, 2019. That means we have some time to prepare, but the wait isn’t so long it will be painful. The game will be exclusive to the Epic store through March of 2020 followed by a broader release.

Gear and Artifacts

Like previous versions, Borderlands 3 will be chock full of gear, including guns. The sheer array of firepower is sure to be extensive, but one weapon that has been announced is extensive depth behind the grenade system.

In Borderlands 2, grenades would simply bounce when throw before eventually exploding. In the new game, different grenades will have different effects. Sure, you can chuck a grenade at a hostile and watch it go ka-boom! But these bad boys will do so much more. Some grenades will stick to their targets before detonating. And apparently, some grenades are actually armed with guns that they fire after they are thrown. Did you see that one coming? We didn’t!

Another form of gear that will be new to Borderlands 3 are known as artifacts. Artifacts are specifically designed to alter the way your character moves ingame. For example, some artifacts will allow you to slide faster. In other cases, an artifact will cause explosions every time you initiate a slide. From the sounds of it, the options will be extensive.

Endgame Questions

We simply do not know much about the endgame so far. However, the developers dropped a few hints during E3 this year. For starters, Badass Ranks are back from previous versions. However, in Borderlands 3 they will be known as Guardian Rank. The system is an infinite progression system that buffs stats as you go. In the new system, you will have the chance to not only increase your stats but also earn new skills and skins that would otherwise be unavailable. These benefits apply to all the characters on your account regardless of which character you achieved it with.

Boss fights are also changing to a degree in Borderlands 3. The game system will be moving to “vaults,” which are essentially large boss encounters over multiple phases. In addition to these vaults, there are believed to be an enormous number of mini bosses to take on throughout the game. All in all, boss fights will be an important part of Borderlands 3.

The Story at Endgame

As is the case with every version of Borderlands, the endgame is going to be the best part of the story. At the end of the story you will have the chance to unlock the Guardian Ranks we discussed, even if you have yet to reach the level 50 cap. These ranks are just one of a few reasons we cannot wait for this game.

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