A perfect review of Braun Series 7- 790cc Electric Shaver

A man’s beard has long been considered an important part of his appearance.  So by extension the art of shaving has also been given the importance it is due and this has led to the rise of many products that aim to fulfil the needs of countless men around the globe. Braun has always been a staple brand in the realm of electric shavers and with this product; you can expect it to stay that way.


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Coming in a metallic gray colour the device has an almost regal look and appears at once both commanding and graceful.  Although some would look for a flashier design the sturdy build makes up for the dullness. It comes along with a charging station and cleaning stations which are both amazingly designed.  Charging it completely takes around an hour but it affords the user the option of using a 5 minute charge option which will be enough for a solitary shaving session for the moments when you are in a hurry but there is another distinguishing factor as the shaver can be used even when it is plugged in.

Given how hard it is to manually clean your electric shaver, the cleaning station does that job for you.  The shaver comes with an in built hygiene monitor along with the battery monitor that signifies how clean your shaver is and it will only increase when you use your cleaning station. You could go for a fast clean or use either of the short economical, normal and high intensive methods to clean your shaver with a normal complete cleaning cycle lasting around 40 minutes. The price may be a little on the high side for most people but the 7 year lifetime estimation and the superior performance more than make up for it.

The shaving process requires sideways movements and the grip on the shaver helps with that.  The weight is balanced and lines of rubber on both sides mean you will not have trouble handling it even in the most strenuous of shaving sessions.  You can also choose the speed at which the shaver operates by the buttons present on the bottom half of the machine.

The fully sealed body and the waterproof build will rid your mind of the fears of exposing it to water.  The three modes allow you to personalise the shaving experience according to your needs with three available modes: sensitive, normal and intensive. The built in middle trimmer can even capture flat lining hairs and the 10000 micro vibrations per minute allow it to be shed even the most stubborn of hairs in what they call autolift technology .

You will not need to move it over the same place over and over again although some areas like the neck require a few more strokes. The sonic sensor adjusts the power of the device according to the amount of hair underneath it meaning you won’t have to worry about those pesky areas that are full of hair anymore. The shaver can be fairly noisy at times although the overall sound is not too harsh on the ears.

The Braun Series 7- 790cc may be an expensive electric shaver but with its adaptability to most types of skin, strong grip, automatic cleaning station and ability to capture most hairs it may be a very good machine to bet on. It may be noisy at times and sometimes the device won’t have the power of its more powerful counterparts it is a very good shaver that with its 7 year estimated lifetime be a solution to your shaving problems for a long time.


Clean and smooth shave

Activelift technology

Automatic Cleaning




Slightly noisy


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