Three Things to Know about the Fortuna Profit-Taker Update in Warframe

Warframe has steadily grown from a free niche console offering that most people ignore to a global phenomenon rich with regular updates and an engaged player base. Like most expansions, the November 2018 Fortuna expansion only added to the fun. But there was one thing on every player’s mind: the giant robot-spiders! While some of the missions on Venus would get you a glimpse of these giant spider mechs in the background, the most recent update of Fortuna finally lets you fight one! Here’s what you need to know about the Profit-Taker update.

1. You can battle the first spider mech, known as Profit Taker

The biggest news from this update is obviously the ability to finally battle one of the giant spider robots that have been seen in the background since the release of Fortuna. According to Digital Extremes, Profit-Taker is just the first of many robot spiders that you will be able to battle on Venus. However, to get a shot at Profit-Taker you will need to jump through some hoops first. For starters, not just anyone can run these missions. You will need to hold the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United. That is no small feat and can take days of heavy mission running to accomplish.

2. You can unlock a new Warframe called Baruuk

There are plenty of goodies, even if you don’t have the ranking to run the Profit-Taker mission right away. Our favorite addition to the game is a brand-new warframe suit known as Baruuk. You can simply purchase the new suit through the market, or alternatively unlock it by earning reputation with Little Duck. You can find Little Duck in the heist-planning back room.

Baruuk has three special abilities, all of which are evasive in nature. First, Baruuk can use the Elude ability to avoid damage entirely. In fact, enemy projectiles will pass right through Baruuk while using this ability so long as you are not attacking. The second ability is Lull, which puts enemies to sleep. The third ability is Desolate Hands. Instead of nullifying incoming damage, it removes weapons from your enemies’ hands entirely. The suit also comes with Serene Storm, a summoned punching weapon which deals large, room-emptying assaults.

3. You can call in Arch-gun orbital strikes while on foot

Weapons enthusiasts aren’t left in the cold with the Fortuna Profit-Taker update, either. The newest addition to your arsenal is the Arch-gun. While it’s true Arch-guns aren’t new, up to this point they were only available in Archwing space and underwater combat. Now, you can call down this monster weapon once every ten minutes. The weapon does not have ammunition; you simple fire the gun until empty and then the weapon disappears. When you call the gun back after the 10 minute timer, you will have a new slew of ammo to use. You can, however, pick up extra ammo for it during some Orb Heist missions. To obtain this weapon, you will need to complete those Orb Heist missions yourself. While not confirmed, most believe these weapons will be important in defeating the giant spiders like Profit-Taker.

Warframe Never Stops Growing

In our view, Profit-Taker is another success for Warframe. Fortuna was already a great patch, and the Profit-Taker update has only added more depth and awesome content. The battle with the giant spider-bots was long awaited, and is hopefully the first in any many fun missions where you can combat those robo-arachnids. The addition of a new warframe and access to a powerful new special weapon are welcome upgrades as well. All in all, we haven’t been this excited for a Warframe update since the addition of the Orokin Principles Challenge.

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