How to make Android phone as secure as possible

Android phone

Our smartphone is a device that carries our life – literally, from apps and games to our financial credentials, we carry everything in these devices these days. Have you ever thought of the risk? – Bottom line is, you should always keep your smartphone safe and secure and

I don’t just mean with a pin code or face unlock.

This is not an issue that you should set aside. You must have seen the panic inducing headlines all around. And they are true. You are at risk. But the panic part is a little bit overdone. There is no need to panic. Just get to know your Android phone better.

Android has an airtight security package in place that most people don’t know about. Once you get to know the Android settings that will make your smartphone completely 100% secure, you will be amazed.

Read this article carefully and I promise it will be worth your while.

Here are five settings that will make your Android device very secure.

Google Play Protect

Sometimes, in fact often times, we tend to install apps on your Android device but that requires disabling important security programs like Google Play Protect – and we oblige.

The point is: you should always have the Google Play Protect on. You can do that by going into System Settings > Security > Google Play Protect. Make sure it is on all the time.

Google Play Protect constantly scans your phone and continuously keeps it clean. Just make sure that all the toggles are activated and everything is enabled.

Find My Device

When you are done reading this point, you will wish if more people knew about this. Did you know that Android has a full-fledge built-in mechanism for tracking an Android device, no matter where it may be.

Like Play Protect, you will have to enable it or at least make sure it is enabled. Again, go to System Settings and you will find and tap the Find My Device line and ensure it is labeled.

Emergency contact info

While Find My Device is a great resource to have, you can also retrieve your phone through a friend. If you lose your phone somewhere and a Good Samaritan picks it up, he or she could dial your emergency contact info and arrange for a pickup.

Emergency contact info program is necessary because if your screen is locked, no one will be able to access the information or make a dial. So by going to the Users & Accounts section of the System Settings you can add emergency contact and any one can dial that number without opening your lock screen.

Smart Lock

We have discussed in this article that it is imperative that you keep your smartphone screen locked. Every article you read on smartphone security will give you this pointer. However, some people are just not cut-out for it. For them Android provides a simple but effective solution.

Through System Settings, you can activate Smart Lock. It is a brilliant program for those who don’t like the complication of keeping a password protected screen all the time. When you are in a trusted place, such as your home or work or connected to a trusted internet connection, Smart Lock will not apply any lock for your screen. But as soon as you are in unfamiliar territory, it will lock your phone and you will have to apply an already set pattern or pin.

Safe Browsing

People often take this one for granted. Always keep the Safe Browsing mode of Chrome on. And in case you are not using Chrome, make sure that you are using a browser that is vetted and trustworthy. In any case, keep the Safe Browsing option of Chrome always on.


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