Top 5 apps for math students

Check out top 5 apps for math students
Best apps for math students

If you find Math difficult and confusing, you are not alone – not alone at all. There are millions of others. Math is brilliant, but it is tricky let’s face it. If you are a math student and want to be really really good at math, you might want to get help of some apps.

Yes, there is an app for everything and thus there is an app for math as well. We have collaborated with top phone companies and have selected five amazing apps for you if you are a math student – or even a math teacher. Don’t forget teachers can also have great uses for these apps. And if you feel we have left a brilliant math app out, you can let us know in the comment section.


It seems that human beings have solved most of their problems through combine work and networking. With this idea in mind, a company created this brilliant app called Brainly. It is a social network for students. You share your problem with other students and you get an answer. You learn a great deal by connection with students who are taking the same courses and inevitably facing the same problems as you. Social networking is an important pillar of modern society and it can help you outside educational spectrum as well.

It doesn’t matter what courses you take or what level you are, the app will make you enter that info and connect you to similar pupils from around the globe. Strictly speaking, Brainly is not math-only, however, it is absolutely brilliant for math.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most famous educational apps out there. Their method is simple: teach students through video lectures and problem solving. And it seems to work a great deal. Khan Academy has around 11,000 video lectures on math alone. It also has more than 40,000 math problems. These lectures include includes stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic and what not.

The best part: Khan Academy is completely free!


HiPER is an outstanding app. It is basically an insanely advance level calculator. If you are a grade school level student of a college level student it will work for you. It has both free and premium versions, the premium version if more feature packed but free version would do for most students.

HiPER can be supremely useful even if you are a math teacher. It supporters 200 unit conversion and support for fractions. All in all, a solid app.


LectureNotes as the name suggests, let’s you take down notes. You can take down your teacher’s lectures either by hand or record audio and video for later listening. The writing or drawing by hand feature is of particular use for math students as it allows you to write down entire equations – something a traditional calculator falls short of.


You can solve various math problems by Photomath by simply using your smartphone’s camera. You hover the camera over your math problem and it will give you an instant answer. It is one of the very few good math apps with camera functionality.

The app also supports graphs and is completely free.

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