Youtube is one such website and application that has become like a friend in our daily life. No matter whatever mood we are in, we always love tuning into Youtube for the interesting video contents and also the ones that are informative. But, unfortunately, this great application does not allow background playing of videos.

The Process to stream Youtube videos in Background
Youtube video in Mobile background

As soon as you exit the interface of Youtube application or website, the video gets paused. As a result, users cannot use any other application while using Youtube and even if they don’t love watching the video they have to watch it forcefully just to listen to the audio they are interested in. This restriction on Youtube is very strict and no official application has been launched yet to help you stream videos in the background.

But, luckily without undertaking any harmful approach, few tricks have been introduced that are absolutely safe and will let you play Youtube video in the background in your mobile. To know about it in details, follow the below mentioned steps.

The Process to stream Youtube videos in Background


With the help of Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/ Safari

All Android users can go for Firebox or Google Chrome while the Iphone users can go for Chrome or Safari browser.

a) Open the browser as per your choice and go to the official site of Youtube.

b) Now, select a video from the Youtube site and play it. In the top right corner, you can find three vertical dots. Click on the dots and select Desktop Site.

c) You will be immediately redirected to the desktop site of Youtube and with your selected video.

d) As soon as the video starts playing, Android users can exit the website and the video will keep playing in the background in the form of a media player.

e) IPhone users also need to follow the same approach but on pressing the home screen button, their video stops. In that case, iphone users need to go to the control center and there they can find the streaming video in the form of paused Mp3 player. They need to click the pause button to stream the video in the background.

With the help of Bubble Browser

This is a different kind of trick. Android users can use Bubble Browsers like Flynx or Flyperlink to play Youtube videos in the background. These browsers as the name suggest floats like a bubble on your mobile interface. As a result, you can easily access Youtube from this browser, stream the videos you want to play and keep it minimized while you continue with other applications. Make sure the power saving mode for such browsers are off otherwise the video will stop once you minimize it or press the lock button of your phone.

Youtube Red

This feature is not applicable in India. But for the users, residing in US, Australia, Mexico, Korea or New Zealand, can use this paid feature to officially stream Youtube videos in the background from the application platform. Others can seek the help of the above two methods.

Why you should not stream Youtube videos in the background

Streaming Youtube videos continuously from web browsers actually consume a whole lot of your mobile charge. You need to charge your phone continuously after 1 to 2 hours which can completely damage your phone’s battery.

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